Travel Notes

Heading to the Horizon
Before we start and you decide to participate in this journey, I want to emphasize one important aspect.

When talking about subjects as extensive, abstract, and fundamental as our social organization, our relationship with the stars, and our perception and interpretation of the Space-Time structure, it is necessary to touch areas of our reality that sometimes seems taboo only to be mentioned.

For this reason, I want to be clear from the beginning so that you can meditate a little on what we are starting here and where we are going.

The main focus when we will talk about space-time organization will be on the institutional instruments that we use such as our calendars, maps, the time zones, and the clock. All these are fundamental to politics and economics, and represent cornerstones of any social system.    

Therefore, we will delve into the intentions and purposes for which they were designed. Many of them, because they are political instruments, have historically served as a link between science and religion.

Moreover, when speaking of the movement of the Earth in the cosmos, we will touch an area jealously guarded by religions in their world-views.

Space and Time are cultural constructions that come from human perception of a physical/natural reality in which we are immersed.

Space and Time are the dimensions that touch every aspect of our reality, starting from the philosophy that we use to relate to them to the engineering to create them, as these, in the end, are cultural constructions that come from the human perception of a physical/natural reality in which we are immersed.
With all this, I mean that we will need to have certain flexibility to be able to see our foundations from other perspectives during this journey and thus be able to broaden our horizon.

On this journey, let us bear in mind that whatever path each of us chooses to take in this life, all come together on this Earth. And I believe that if we can visualize them, a new paradigm of this world will emerge.