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Traveler   0$
Life is a journey. In this space, we walk and learn together which helps the community strengthen the individual, and the individual enriches the community.
Explorer   5$
Whenever we travel in a group, not everyone stays together. Many love to go ahead, push, and make their way despite travelling in a group.

They open the path for others, have the energy to move forward and not depend on anyone, yet they have a group consciousness.
Guide   13$
Those who guide stay ahead, although they always keep the group in mind and their attention is focused on envisioning the way forward.
Guardian   34$
In the group, we can see that those who have the conscience and vision decide to go at the back to help those that are in need, and they make sure that no one is left behind.

They are strong and wise, with the energy to give and attitude to serve. Always ready to give a hand or put their shoulder where it is needed.
Host  55$  
I just love it when you find people on your path that offer to put a roof over your head to rest and a plate of warm soup to gain strength. They create conditions to support those who are on the road and need to rest as they are far from home.
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I offer nothing more than to share my path and make it ours. Let us walk with light feet, that the road never ends.


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