My Story

From Light and Shadows
I come from a place that many of you know as Mexico City. Although, as it happens with many names in our world, these words cannot completely describe the depth of what this land, that has given sustenance to the roots of my person, means to me.

I am one of many children of the period of European expansion and colonization, of the enslavement and trafficking of African peoples, and of the resistance of indigenous peoples in the territory that today is known in the world as America.

By sharing these words with you, my intention is not to limit my conscience or my being only to this historical period; so, I hope that you will understand me when I tell you that I also consider myself a son of the Earth grown with the energy of the stars; that in my being walks the eternity and wisdom of the cosmos which magnitudes transcend the world that we can name and, therefore, what we can understand.

However; I have decided to embrace this web made of thoughts and relationships from our history that wrap up my social identity, shaped by the most recent stage of our collective journey on Earth. A period that with thunder and songs has largely built the world system as we know it today.

I will be the light and the shadows cast on the world by this process that today shapes our silhouettes on the horizon.

I am doing this so that when we will talk about the stories of our path, if we were to judge, I will want to be both the perpetrator and the victim, the hero as the villain, the native as the foreigner, I will reflect any skin color named by our voices or evaded by our eyes.

On my footprints will lie reflected, the colonizer's boots as the martyr's feathers; I will be the light and the shadows cast on the world by this process that today shapes our silhouettes on the horizon.

Only in this way, I could probably avoid that my sight gets lost following the finger in search of guilt and that my steps get loaded with the weight that carries those who, while living, die suffering.

In this, my slow journey through Earth, I walk simple with light feet, looking at the world into the eyes, without any pride that runs over or shame that leaves me aside; listening to the words that the wind whispers through time, on the path where the Earth unites with the sky, where day and night meet creating tomorrow’s land.

It is a path where I neither was nor will be; However, in every moment, I am.

Tierra del Sur

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