My intention

What I'm doing here...
My intention in opening this channel is to generate resources to keep going forward and creating content, audiovisual as well as written, for dissemination and dialogue about this topic that concerns us all, and, in this way, shape a community that supports and reinforces this process.
I am one of those people who believes that happiness is found along the way and not at the goal. Living in a world that, in general, prizes results but does not invest in the processes that bring them, the journey is always a challenge.

Therefore, those who decide to support me in this space are investing, above all, in the process of development and research, and they are helping me to open the way.

Your support will allow me that, as until now, after almost ten years, this project stays free and independent from outside or third party interests. Your contribution, however large or small it may be, helps me to keep going, and I am grateful for it.
This is my personal laboratory where I can share my process, and thanks to your contributions, the economic ones, as well as those of content, it is becoming step by step the incubator from which eventually much more elaborate and comprehensive proposals will emerge.

Safe travels.