Words not directly related with the content; based on personal experiences or opinions.

Collective Path

The path is collective, if you continue this way, no one will ever remember that you left and your journey will have been in vain.


Setting back an astronomical frame of reference in our political agendas is part of the needed institutional recognition of the energies that create the living conditions on the planet.


In life's cycles, sometimes to find sense, we need to have a broader perspective, get out of our present, and go beyond, both in time and space, to generate thorough vision; We can achieve this when we lift our gaze to the Cosmos and place ourselves on a higher plane.

Fragmentation of knowledge

The acceleration of time with the frenetic rhythms and the constant growth of the population, especially in urban areas, exerts great oppression on the natural rhythms of ecosystems.

My story

I'll be the light and the shadow that this process has cast on the world and that today shape our silhouettes on the horizon.