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Collective Path

The path is collective, if you continue this way, no one will ever remember that you left and your journey will have been in vain.

My story

I'll be the light and the shadow that this process has cast on the world and that today shape our silhouettes on the horizon.


I think that most of the time, walking aimlessly does not mean not knowing where you are going, but ignoring where you come from.

Travel notes

When talking about subjects as extensive, abstract, and fundamental as our social organization, our relationship with the stars, and our perception and interpretation of the Space-Time structure, it is necessary to touch areas of our reality that sometimes seems taboo only to be mentioned.

My intention

My intention in opening this channel is to have a space to expose the ideas on my path. Also, to continue creating and sharing content, audiovisual and written, for dissemination and dialogue about a topic that concerns all of us: the temporal and spatial organization of the world.