where the light begins
            & the borders end.
Everything is in constant movement with rhythm and frequency. Everything changes.
Time Map
Creating the Social Matrix of Space-Time
The individuals' awareness of their movement immersed in a globalized culture.

Wandering the Spiral

Have you ever wondered if a social system could exist that can organize the current complexity and human diversity efficiently but without being arbitrary, or in other words, if there is a natural order…


What would a system look like that sees the individual as an end and not as a means? That instead of making us move to the ticking of the clock and enclosing us between borders and stories, it will encourage us to discover our rhythm, explore our horizons, and tell our story? 

How would we organize ourselves in such a world?

What would an instrument be like that could tell more than one story, pace more than one rhythm, and shape an infinity of spaces at the same time?

Where individual freedom and collective chaos coexist within a natural order? 

I invite you on a journey where we will cross the barriers of time and the borders of space as we know them to walk together to create a new space-time system for a global organization.
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We visualize a world where human beings live in harmony with nature. A self-organized system based on cooperation where many social realities coexist.

This video will help you to understand how the website and The Journey are organized.
This journey will be for those who want to navigate the currents of energy on Earth and surf the waves of the worlds.


During my journey on this Earth, I’ve matured a series of ideas that I expose to contribute to the foundations of what can be a civilization, which always seeks the balance while walking.

In this section, I present notes, commentary, and thoughts that are related or relevant to the process.


Through conceptual and graphic designs, I will try to illustrate the ideas for the creation of instruments that will facilitate the understanding of the Earth dynamics and will lead us to a more efficient social organization.

What's Happening?

My intention
This is my personal laboratory where I can share my process...
An adventure starts with a dream
We are on a journey around the Galaxy

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Through synergies, we can change the structures of our reality.

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We put intention, dedication, and create the conditions
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